In ecclesiastical procedure, a compulsory is a kind of writ to compel the attendance of a witness, to undergo examination
compulsory, adj
Involuntary; forced; coerced by legal process or by force of statute
@ compulsory attendance
Refers to legal obligation to attend; e.g. school attendance is compulsory up to certain age
@ compulsory disclosure
Term with variety of meanings; may refer to court order compelling disclosure of matters within scope of discovery rules (see Fed.R. Civil P. 26, 37, 45; Fed.R.Crim.P. 16, 17). May also refer to obligation of public officers or candidates for public office to reveal assets and income from private sources.
See also subpoena
@ compulsory insurance
Motor vehicle liability coverage which is required in most states as a condition to registration of such vehicle
@ compulsory license
Licenses created under the Copyright Act to allow certain parties to make certain uses of copyrighted material without the explicit permission of the copyright owner, on payment of a specified royalty.
See e.g. 17 U.S.C.A. No. 115
@ compulsory nonsuit
An involuntary nonsuit.
@ compulsory payment
One not made voluntarily, but exacted by duress, threats, the enforcement of legal process, or unconscionably taking advantage of another. May also refer to legal obligations, such as payment of taxes or support; or to creditor remedies such as garnishment or attachment
@ compulsory process
Process to compel the attendance in court of a person wanted there as a witness or otherwise; including not only the ordinary subpoena, but also a warrant of arrest or attachment if needed. A defendant's right, guaranteed by the federal Constitution, to compel the attendance of witnesses at trial and elicit testimony on behalf of the defense. State v. Fort, 197 N.J.Super. 113, 484 A.2d 323, 324.
See e.g. Fed.R. Civil P. 45. The 6th Amend., U.S.Const., provides that the accused shall have the right to "have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor".
@ compulsory removal
A term of art in admiralty law referring to a situation in which a hull has been abandoned by the owner and the hull underwriter, pursuant to government order, must be removed from navigable waters; under those circumstances the protection and indemnity underwriter, absorbing costs which no one else remains liable to pay, must remove the wreck or reimburse the government for removal. Seabord Shipping Corp. v. Jocharanne Tugboat Corp., C.A.N.Y., 461 F.2d 500, 504
@ compulsory sale
@ compulsory purchase
@ compulsory sale or purchase
ompulsory sale or purchase
Term used to characterize the transfer of title to property under the exercise of the power of eminent domain, or by reason of judicial sale for nonpayment of taxes, or the like
@ compulsory self-incrimination
Any form of coercion, physical or psychological, which renders a confession of crime or an admission involuntary, is in violation of the 5th Amend., U.S.Const. and due process clause of 14th Amend. Such practices contravene the very basis of our criminal jurisprudence which is accusatorial not inquisitorial. Rogers v. Richmond, 365 U.S. 534, 81 S.Ct. 735, 5 L.Ed.2d 760.

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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